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2022-2023 Request Form   ~2024 bookings will begin November 2023

Outreach Programs

Can't bring your classroom to the Zoo? The, let us bring the Zoo to you!

Available program options:

  • In-person programming that is held at your location
  • Virtual programming that takes place online

In-Person Programs


Designed for a more intimate setting and closer look at the animals, classroom programs can accommodate up to 36 individuals in a seated space. We require a minimum ratio of one adult to every five students to assure educational effectiveness, safety, and fun! For a full program, we can accommodate 30 students plus 6 adults. Please note that specific animals cannot be requested for classroom programs. Animals are chosen at the discretion of keeper staff for their welfare and wellbeing.

  • Grades: Pre-K thru 12th grade
  • Program Length:
    • Pre-K and Kindergarten: 30 minutes (3 live animal ambassadors)
    • 1st-12th grade: 45 minutes (3 live animal ambassadors)
  • Price: $150 + mileage fee + $50 per consecutive program
    • additional fee for programs scheduled after 5pm
    • Maximum of 3 consecutive programs in a day
    • For groups looking to book a classroom-style program with capacities above 36, please consider requesting multiple back-to-back programs.


Our assembly programs are animal presentations for groups ranging from fifty (50) to four hundred (400) individuals in a seated space.  Animals available for these large settings include large animals on stage and smaller animals walked through audience. Please note that specific animals cannot be requested for assembly programs. Animals are chosen at the discretion of keeper staff for their welfare and wellbeing.

  • Age: Any
  • Program Length: 60 minutes (4 live animal ambassador maximum)
  • Price:

Large group assemblies (50-150 individuals): $450 + mileage fee

Extra-large group assembly (150-400 individuals): $600 + mileage fee

  • additional fee for programs scheduled after 5pm


Having a school fair or other large event? A meet and greet might be the package you’re looking for. Our meet and greet sessions are ideal for functions where people will be moving around rather than sitting classroom or audience style. This package includes up to four (4) live animal ambassadors and table activities. The handlers can remain stationary and let guests stop to meet the animals as they stroll past, or the handlers are able to move around with some of the animal ambassadors.

  • Age: Any age
  • Program length: up to 2 hours (4 live animal ambassador maximum)
  • Price: $350 for one hour, $150 for a second hour add on + mileage fee
    • additional fee for programs scheduled after 5pm

For programs longer than one hour, animal ambassadors will be rotated, with two animals out at any given time, to allow an appropriate rest/break period for each animal.

Please note there is no maximum capacity for Meet and Greet programs, however some space and location restrictions apply. Contact the education department for more details.

Additional Considerations

There is a limit of 3 of the same classroom programs delivered per day at any one institution. A fee of $50 will be added for each consecutive program booked at the same site. If two or more types of programs (such as a classroom program and an assembly program) are booked at the same institution for the same day - each program will be booked as a distinct program and the coinciding rate applied to each. 

There is a charge for mileage which is calculated during registration. Mileage is based off of which county your institution or venue resides in.

Due to the welfare of our live animal ambassadors, the Little Rock Zoo can accommodate in-person outreach requests for locations within a 1-hour driving distance of the Zoo. For any requests received outside of that range, a virtual program will be offered.

The Little Rock Zoo does not offer outreach programming at a personal residence or for the purpose of birthday parties. For on-site birthday party options please check out our website.

Virtual Programs

There is a limit of 3 virtual programs delivered per day for any one institution. If two or more types of programs are booked at the same institution for the same day - each program will be booked as a distinct program and the rate of a single program applied to each. 


Working on a class project, interested in learning about careers in Zoos and conservation projects you can participate in, or just want to connect with one of our knowledgeable educators? Ask questions in real time and learn about caring for animals from the comfort of your home, classroom, or favorite sit spot. This program gives you personal time with one of our Zoo experts on a topic of your choice and does not include animal ambassadors. Registration includes login for a single electronic device. Submit your request and let’s see how we can connect!

  • Age: Any age (children must be supervised by a participating adult)
  • Program length: up to 30 minutes
  • Price: $30



Schedule a virtual classroom program and our educators will broadcast into your classroom live from the Zoo with animal ambassador presentations, engaging activities, and demonstrations! This interactive video option allows for two-way interactions between students, teachers and Zoo staff. This option is best for classes with 22 or fewer devices logging into a program.

  • Age: K-12
  • Program length: 30 or 45 minutes
  • Price: $75 for 30-minute program, $100 for 45-minute program
    • Up to three virtual classroom programs can be scheduled in a day with a 15-minute break between to transition between groups.

Definitions of a Classroom:

We recognize that a classroom may be defined in different ways as organizations may have kids physically located in the same room, multiple rooms, participating online as individuals or a combination of the two. The following definitions allow for that flexibility while placing guidelines on the maximum number of participants for a virtual program with the Zoo (there is no minimum number of participants). Take a look at the options to see what fits your situation the best.

For 30- and 45-minute virtual classroom programs a classroom is defined as:

  1. A group of up to 30 students viewing a program


  1. Up to 22 separate devices logged in at the same time provided that the total number of kids viewing the program does not exceed 30 kids.


  1. A combination of the definitions above as long as there are no more than 30 students or 22 separate logins.

a.  For example, a program may have 15 students physically located together in a single classroom (one login with 15 students) and seven students logging in from their separate devices in their own homes (seven logins with seven students). In this example, there are eight logins and 22 students, both below the maximum amounts allowed.



Looking for a fun company experience or grade-wide program? Similar to the in-person assembly or meet and greet programs, this virtual program works best when you are expecting a larger group of individuals logging in for the program (more than 22 devices). The virtual meet and greet functions as a webinar where participants can see and hear Zoo staff and ask questions via a chat box. There is one-way video interaction from the Zoo to your participants in order to optimize the overall flow of content and shared experience.

Please note the maximum number of devices for a virtual meet and greet is 95 devices.

  • Age: any
  • Program length: 30 or 45 minutes
  • Price: $200 for 30-minute program, $225 for 45-minute program
    • Up to three virtual classroom programs can be scheduled in a day with a 15-minute break between to transition between groups.


Cancellation Policy

Excluding cancellations made by the Little Rock Zoo, no refunds are given for cancellations that occur less than 14 days prior to the program. For cancellations made 14 or more days prior to the program, an 80% refund will be given. A 10% administrative fee will be charged for each case of changes made to a program following the confirmation of scheduling but prior to the start of the program. If a person/group does not attend their scheduled program, they will not receive a refund. Any programs that are not attended may not be rescheduled but will instead need to be purchased and scheduled as a new program if desired (see below for separate guidelines for technical problems).

If a person/group encounters technical problems on the scheduled date of a program, they must contact the Zoo no later than 15 minutes following the scheduled start of the program. If contact is not made within the time limit described, the program will be cancelled. If the person/group notified the Zoo within 15 minutes following the start of the program, they may reschedule the program with no additional fees charged. If the person/group chooses not to reschedule, or if the technical issues cannot be resolved for another program date, the program fee will be charged. The Little Rock Zoo reserves the right to cancel a program for any reason including unforeseen circumstances such as weather conditions or animal/personnel issues. In the event that the Little Rock Zoo cancels a program and is unable to reschedule, a full refund will be given.


For your in-person or virtual programs, select from the following topics:

  • Conservation Connection:
    • Animals need our help now more than ever. Learn about how animals become endangered and some ways we can work together to reduce our human impacts and protect their habitats.  Groups will also learn about conservation success stories and how Zoos have brought species back from the brink!
  • Meet the Locals:
    • Get an up close and personal opportunity to meet some of Arkansas’ local animal residents and learn about their very important jobs. From herbivores to scavengers, our local animals all play a very important role in the environment.
  • Mystery Safari:
    • Travel down a path of adventure as the Zoo chooses what you will see and discover. The mysterious catch… you'll find out about the animals involved on the day of the program! This option is perfect for those that want to have fun learning and are not tied into a specific topic or certain learning standards.
  • Wild Behavior:
    • Animals have specific behaviors that help them survive in habitats all over the world. Learn about how they use their unique behaviors and even how zookeepers utilize wild behaviors to keep the animals at the Zoo healthy. 

2022-2023 Request Form    ~2024 bookings will begin November 2023

Questions? Email or call 501-661-7229.
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