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Meet Our Elephants

Little Rock Zoo Elephant Health Check
Little Rock Zoo Veterinarians, Dr. Sara Stoneburg and Dr. George Prevolos, conducting a health check with Elephant Babe
Extraordinary Care

The Little Rock Zoo boasts a rich history of caring for older elephants, earning a distinguished reputation as experts in geriatric elephant care. Over the years, the zoo has nurtured a remarkable collection of Asian elephants, including beloved individuals such as Ruth and Ellen. Currently, the Zoo is home to three cherished members of the Zoo family: Zina, Babe, and Sophie.

Maintaining the health and well-being of elderly elephants requires a comprehensive approach that goes beyond routine checks. At the Little Rock Zoo, our dedicated team ensures that our golden girls receive meticulous care, including full yearly physicals. Led by our experienced veterinary professionals, each elephant undergoes a thorough head-to-toe assessment, complete with vaccinations and the collection of blood and urine samples as part of their preventative healthcare regimen.

One key aspect of our approach is empowering the elephants to actively participate in their own healthcare. Through positive reinforcement training, these elephants willingly engage in various aspects of their medical care, fostering a sense of trust and cooperation between them and their caretakers. This collaborative effort not only enhances the overall well-being of the elephants but also enriches their daily lives.

Given that our elephants are all geriatric, they each have unique health requirements that demand personalized attention. A common challenge among them is arthritis, a condition prevalent in elderly elephants. To address this, each elephant receives a tailored treatment plan that includes maintenance medication and physical therapy. By addressing individual needs, we strive to optimize the quality of life for every member of our elephant herd.

In essence, the Little Rock Zoo's commitment to geriatric elephant care exemplifies our dedication to providing exemplary standards of animal welfare. Through expert veterinary care, proactive preventative measures, and compassionate treatment plans, we ensure that our golden girls enjoy happy, healthy lives in our care. As stewards of these magnificent creatures, we remain steadfast in our mission to uphold the highest standards of elephant welfare and conservation.

Meet the Elephants


Born in 1961, Zina is the oldest elephant in the herd as well as the smallest at 6, 500 lbs. She spent much of younger years traveling and performing with various circuses until she retired in 2005. She arrived at Little Rock Zoo in 2011. Zina can be described as sassy and noisy. She loves to spend time with her best friend, Babe. She is easily identified by her long skinny trunk which is partially paralyzed from unknown reasons long ago. Her favorite foods include bananas, watermelon, and pumpkins. Zina's Celebrating her 64th Birthday this year- Join us to celebrate!


Sophie was born in 1969 and weighs in around 7,800 lbs. She and Babe came from Niabi Zoo in Illinois in 2013. Prior to Niabi Zoo, Sophie also spent time traveling and performing with the circus. Sophie is a very unique elephant because of her blue eyes where most elephants have brown eyes. She can also be recognized by her one longer tusk. Sophie is very intelligent and likes to do things at her own pace. She loves to figure out her puzzle feeders and her favorite foods include watermelon and pumpkins. For updates on Sophie's health Click Here.


Born in 1975, Babe is the youngest of the three elephants. She was originally born into a logging camp in Myanmar where she was branded with stars to identify her. She spent a short amount of time traveling with the circus before she retired in 2000. She and Sophie arrived in Little Rock from Niabi Zoo in Illinois in 2013. Even though Babe is the youngest, she is the largest of the three elephants weighing in around 11,700 lbs. Babe loves to spend time with the other elephants and is also very artistic. She loves to paint and often sells her artwork to raise money for conservation. Babe has a long list of favorite foods!

Elephant Experience

You can step into the world of an elephant keeper and see how they build relationships with our amazing elephants! Choose from one of two interactive opportunities as you hear stories about our herd, see them up close, and make memories with your friends and family.

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