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2024 International Hoof Care Week

Dates: 1/16/2024 - 1/19/2024
Times: 9:00 AM- 4:00PM each day
Price: Included in Price of Admission

International Hoof Care Week is an event that aims to raise awareness about proper hoof care for horses and other hooved animals. The Zoo is dedicated to the proper care of our hooved animals, either by our committed zookeepers or by our farrier that visits the Heritage Farm monthly. Visit on Thursday, January 18 and Friday, January 19 for special Hoof Care Week events, and check out our website and social media to learn more!

Schedule of Events (included in regular admission):

Tuesday, January 16 – virtual content information in our e-newsletter and social media 

What is a hoof?  Which animals have hooves? Why is hoof care important? 

How can I help?

Wednesday, January 17 – information in our e-newsletter and social media

Thursday, January 18 - 10:30 ferrier demonstration/chat @ Heritage Farm

                                11:00 keeper chat @ veldt 

                                1:30 keeper chat @ elephants 

Friday, January 19 

                                1:30 keeper chat @ rhinos 

                                2:00 keeper chat @ tunnel 

                                2:30 keeper chat @ elephants 

* Please confirm directly with the promoter or box office to ensure event details have not changed.

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