Zoo to You Outreach 

Not able to come to the Zoo? Let the Little Rock Zoo come to you! 

This is one of our most popular programs that we provide, and the calendar fills up quickly! 
Reservations will be made on a first-come, first-served basis. 
A minimum of three (3) weeks notice is required for booking this type of program.

With the help of our Education Animals and talented staff or docents, we can attend functions such as:   

• Luncheons    
• Fairs or Festivals
• Clubs

• Corporate Events
• Lectures
• Eagle Awareness Events
• Catered Events on Zoo Grounds


Schedule & book a program by clicking here

Having a fair or other large event? A meet and greet might be the package you’re looking for. Our meet and greet sessions are ideal for functions where people will be moving around rather seated classroom-style. This package includes up to six (6) education ambassador animals for 45 minutes. The handlers can remain stationary and let guests stop to meet the animals as they stroll past or the handlers are able to move around with some of the animal ambassadors depending on crowd size.   
Age: Any!
Time: 45 minutes
No maximum in capacity but some restrictions apply on location and space. Contact the education department for more details.


Looking to meet some of our animals in a more formal setting? Our Creature Feature program is designed for 50 or fewer seated individuals and any age range. You will be able to choose the animals you would like us to bring, and we will adapt our topics of conservation to those animals. Presentations last 45 minutes and can include biofacts upon request. We are able to do multiple creature features back to back to accommodate several groups at one location. 
Age: Any!
Time: 45 minutes

50 STUDENTS PLUS 6 ADULTS / lesson to assure educational effectiveness, safety and fun!  


How much does a Zoo to You program Cost?

  • Prices vary depending on audience size and number of programs taking place.
  • There is a limit of 4 of the same program delivered per day at any one institution
  • If two or more types of programs are booked at the same institution for the same day - each program will be booked as a distinct program and the rate of a single program applied to each.
  • Add each reserved Animal Ambassador's Fee to the Base Program Fee (plus any additional program fees that may be applicable)

Calculate mileage fee (if applicable):

  • There is a charge for mileage which is calculated during registration (click link below). Mileage is based off of which county your institution or venue resides in.


Pre-registration and pre-payment are required for all Zoo Education programs.
Reservations must be made at least 3 weeks in advance.

     Please CLICK HERE to read all Zoo program registration and
cancellation policies prior to registering.


Schedule & book a program by clicking here.

For help with registration call (501)661-7229.