Wish List


Because the Little Rock Zoo is a non-profit, we rely on donations from the community to help supplement our regular budget. As such, the Zoo is often in need of in-kind donations. In-kind donations are 100% tax-deductible in most instances. Please consult your tax representative for more information.
Our vet and keeper staff have put together a "wish list" with items they often need.  

Please call 501.666.2406 if you would like to donate any of the following items:




Vet Hospital Wish List


– Tonopens are used to measure the pressure inside an animal’s eye to see if the animal has a condition called glaucoma. 

Ultrasound probes and stethoscopes – The Little Rock Zoo Veterinary Staff is always looking for ways to make yearly check-ups easier and less stressful on the animals. We work with the animal staff to train for behaviors (using positive reinforcement) that allow us to examine each animal from head to toe. A quick and easy tool is a stethoscope, which is used to listen to the heart and lungs of an animal. We can also do more advanced imaging with an ultrasound machine (same type of imaging as a sonogram). To be successful, we need to train these behaviors, and we don’t want to use fancy working equipment to do so. We are happy to take broken stethoscopes and ultrasound probes for training, and working equipment for actual diagnostics.

Cautery – How do you stop bleeding on a tiny bird, venomous snake, or adorable primate during surgery? One of the best ways is to use cautery, which saves valuable time and materials.

Orthopedic equipment (pins, hand-chucks, etc)

Adjustable height surgical table         

Portable floor scale – ideally up to 500lbs or more, but we’ll take anything!

Reasonably good condition ambulance or van – Sometimes the Zoo needs to transport animals from their enclosures to the hospital for procedures. Our goal is to make this trip as quickly and safely as possible. A sturdy ambulance or van would allow us to confidently move animals around the Zoo. Minimum requirements – sturdy frame/body, intact windows, lockable doors, working power outlet - and it should be drivable.  Ideally it will have AC/Heat, and while we can try to remember how to drive a stick, an automatic vehicle is preferred.

Digital camera – The Little Rock Zoo is proud to participate in SSP-recommended breeding programs. Whenever we are expecting little ones, we’d love to be able to monitor mom for birth complications and to make sure the new additions are thriving!

Dental radiology setup – Zoo animals can have many of the same tooth problems that you or your pets might have. This smaller x-ray setup allows us to take focused pictures of the teeth.

Gas sterilizer – Gas sterilization is used for instruments that are too fragile to be autoclaved, but need to be sterile when used.

Mayo stand
Fluid warmer
Doppler monitor
Microscope slide storage cabinet
Ultrasonic instrument cleaner


Keeper Wish List


For Animal Treats and Enrichment:

Evaporated Milk
Dried fruit (packaged)
Sugar-free fruit juices
All-natural peanut butter
Jars/Jugs of Honey
"Jolly Egg" from Petsmart/Petco
Flavor-ice Popsicles
Baby Food – blended fruits
Assorted boxes of ziplock bags ( gal, quart, sandwich, & Freezer)
3 oz. "paper" Dixi-cups
Clean cardboard boxes
Stackable Plastic Bins/Drawers
Tall Storage Cabinets
Drink mixes (NOT red): Gatorade, Tang or KoolAid
Perfume/Cologne (Calvin Klein Obsession for Men is a favorite)
Paper lunch bags
Rope Toys
Sugar free gelatin
Kong Brand Dog Toys
Wrapping paper
Listerine (mint flavor)
Clothes Washer and Dryer
Used Digital Camcorder