Trip Tips




During the spring and fall, the Zoo is the wildest place to be, with many visitors.  In the spring, the Zoo tends to be very crowded with school groups on Thursday and Friday mornings. 

If you prefer a time that is less crowded, consider visiting on a Monday or a Tuesday or any afternoon. Additionally, the Zoo is less crowded the remainder of the year. Fall is an excellent time to visit!


Include your chaperones in planning your trip!  Knowledgeable parents are invaluable to an enjoyable visit. 

One adult chaperone is required for every 10 students in any grade.  We ask that chaperones remain with their students for the entire Zoo visit.


The Little Rock Zoo is home to over 725 animals; please treat them as you would prefer guests visiting your home to treat you.  Many animals do not appreciate loud noises and things being thrown at them. Visitors should refrain from teasing, yelling, screaming or throwing things at the animals.  

The Little Rock Zoo does not restrict animals to any specific area during Zoo hours.  Animals have access to both their indoor and outdoor areas, which means some Zoo patrons may not see an animal right away, however with a little patience animals become visible. The Little Rock Zoo has indoor and outdoor exhibits, but that isn't the case for some animals.

Feeding our animals is limited to feeding our fish, ducks and some farm animals because most of our animals are on specific diets.The Zoo allows many of its semi-domestic birds to range freely on the Zoo grounds. Remind your group members not to chase them. They may become aggressive, especially if they have chicks or ducklings with them. 

For your safety, please do NOT climb on or cross guardrails.


Outside food can no longer be brought into the Zoo.  Individuals or groups may eat lunch in the picnic area outside the Zoo’s new Entry Plaza.  Or, join us for a great meal in Café Africa!   Café Africa can provide pre-ordered sack lunches for groups of 15 or more. If you would like lunches ready when you arrive, please give at least 10 days notice.

For more information, call 501.661.7222.


For more information, feel free to stop by our Guest Services office at the main entrance, or call 501.666.2406.