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World Elephant Day 2022

Dates: 8/12/2022 - 8/12/2022
Times: All day at Zoo

It is time to celebrate another incredible species housed here at the Little Rock Zoo.  We are having a BIG celebration at the Little Rock Zoo, and it is all about our wonderful Asian elephants.  Come to the Zoo as we learn more about the species that Babe, Sophie, and Zina are a part of.  Come join us on Friday, August 12, 2022, as we give special attention and love to our Asian elephant girls!  

The day's activities, included in the regular cost of admission, will include lots of fun activities and demonstrations designed to teach guests all about elephants in general and our Asian elephants specifically.   See the schedule below:

8:00 AM- 2:00PM Art sale at elephant yard (elephant painting and trunk prints)  [All proceeds will go to Asian Elephant Support.]

10:00 AM - 2:00PM educators facilitating activities

9:30AM -11:00AM Open house at the elephant barn

11:30 AM Bath demonstration in elephant yard #1 (behind elephant barn/by stone bathrooms)

1:00 PM Elephant keeper chat



* Please confirm directly with the promoter or box office to ensure event details have not changed.

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