Director's Statement

The mission of the Little Rock Zoo is to provide engaging experiences that inspire people to value and conserve our natural world.  With that in mind, the 700 plus animals at our Zoo are all important ambassadors for their animal friends in the wild.  When you see an animal at the Zoo, we hope that the wonder and amazement of these animals moves you to consider how you can help conserve wildlife now and in the future.

Our Zoo is undergoing several improvements.  We’ve completed more than 5 million in renovations from the 2004 Bond project including the transformation of the old lion house into Café Africa, the construction of an interactive lorikeet exhibit called “Lorikeet Landing,” and renovations to the bear moat, primate house, and other areas of the Zoo.  In 2011 and 2012, we opened two new exhibits: the Laura P. Nichols Penguin Pointe habitat that features underwater and above water viewing of African penguins, and the Laura P. Nichols Cheetah Outpost.  The Cheetah Outpost features two yards for the cheetahs and two new observatory decks for viewing the cheetahs in their habitat.  The African Outpost exhibit was also renovated, and features new habitats for the naked mole rats and some African reptiles.  In addition to these new exhibits, the Zoo has installed a new, accessible, children’s playground. Construction is now underway for a new Arkansas Heritage Farm that will open in spring of 2016.

These changes are just the beginning of what is sure to be an exciting conversion of our Zoo into one of the south’s greatest places for inspiring conservation.  The Arkansas Zoological Foundation, a non-profit 501 c (3), has raised funds for the Zoo's New Master Plan, a multi-phased, multi-million dollar plan that will totally renovate our Zoo.  Exciting changes are underway and you can help make a difference at the Little Rock Zoo!

We hope you enjoy this site and will take the opportunity to visit us soon at the Little Rock Zoo!  


Mike Blakely, Director